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At Sheerview Window Furnishings our aim is to help you realise your home design and decor goals though high quality awnings, shutters, blinds, sheers and curtains.  We aim to make the process as smooth as possible by offering a comprehensive service where we come out to measure your windows, provide detailed information about your options and help you get the best result on your budget. We then work around you to find a convenient time to install your beautiful window furnishings.

Our range of awnings offer seamless style regardless of the type of awnings used through a premises, with interchangeable mechanisms using the same headset.

Shutters have improved vastly over time and we offer the highest quality timber, aluminium and pvc shutters with an amazing variety of colour options to suit any interior.

Your home can feel stark and exposed without the appropriate use of window furnishings and privacy screens. The addition of blinds, curtains and sheers can truly add to the overall decor of a room when thoughtfully selected to match textures and colours used throughout.

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Window Curtains And Blinds in The Gold Coast

Do you see the windows in your home as objects of beauty? The surprising truth is that beautiful windows are possible with the stunning array of choices available from Sheerview Window Furnishings.

Sheerview is a premium supplier of curtains and blinds on the Gold Coast, with high quality products at affordable prices.

Making the appearance of your windows more attractive is a good start, but there are plenty of other good reasons to invest in quality curtains and blinds. When the window coverings in your home are done properly, you get much more than just a pretty facade.

How quality makes a difference

Of course high quality products will usually look better than low quality products because of the materials and workmanship used to make them. But appearance should not be the sole factor you base your buying decision upon.

Another, and perhaps even more important, factor to think about is the energy efficiency of the window covering. Now that might not be something you’ve ever considered before. It’s certainly not a factor that comes instantly to mind for most people. But you’d probably be surprised what a difference your choice can make.

Strangely enough, while windows, skylights, and even doors come with energy star ratings, there is currently no standard rating scale for window coverings. This is ironic because window coverings play a much bigger role in energy efficiency than the window itself.

The properties of a window covering that will affect its energy efficiency include:

  • the material the window covering is made from,
  • the thickness of the window covering material,
  • the porosity of the window covering material,
  • the colour of the window covering material, and
  • the opacity of the window covering material

These properties mainly affect the ability of the window covering to block, reflect, or redirect  ultraviolet light. On this end of the spectrum, light has a very short wavelength, which generates the most intense heat energy on surfaces it hits.

Of course the more light you block of any colour, the better protected your home is from unwanted heat energy. Thick materials with poor thermal conductivity – wood, for example – provide the best insulation. Think materials with good thermal conductivity – nylon cloth, for example – provide the worst insulation.

High porosity increases the amount of light penetration, and thus the potential to allow more heat energy to enter the room.

Colour is also very important, and it is particularly important in the case of curtain fabrics. Specifically, dark colours absorb light and store the resulting heat energy, while light colours reflect light and store very little heat energy.

The combination of colour, thickness, and porosity affect the opacity of the material. Fully opaque material blocks all light from penetrating. Any degree of opacity less than fully opaque will allow some light (and thus some additional heat energy) to enter the room.

With curtain fabrics, a good energy efficiency can be achieved by having the window-facing side completely white with a very tight weave, and the room-facing side being a solid colour with a looser weave, and the material of both fabrics being as thick as possible.

The science behind this is the first layer of fabric will reflect most of the light that strikes it back out of the room, while the second layer makes the combined effect as opaque as possible, blocking stray light particles that penetrated the first layer. The looser weave of the second layer helps prevent the fabric from storing too much heat energy, so it will naturally dissipate in the room instead of gradually becoming warmer.

For the best advice, products and service, come to Sheerview

We have the best selection of curtains and window blinds on the Gold Coast, and we’re always delighted to help our customers find the products that best suit their needs and budget.

Our aim at Sheerview Window Furnishings is to help you achieve your home design and decor goals through high quality awnings, shutters, blinds, sheers and curtains.

We have had 20 years experience in giving homes that extra touch and wow factor you deserve in your own home
Servicing the Oxenford, Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland areas with beautiful window furnishings
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