Veri Shades Gold Coast: Classy and Contemporary

We offer the complete range of Veri Shades Gold Coast homeowners have increasingly chosen as their preferred contemporary window covering. Boasting the softness and style of curtains with the versatility of blinds, Veri Shades have left no stone unturned. 

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Veri Shades: Features and Benefits

Veri Shades come jam packed with features and benefits. Becoming a product of choice across Australia due to the versatility and functionality, Veri Shades provide that perfect contemporary look. Easily filter light or darken any room for privacy.

Unique Design

Providing that picture perfect look, Veri Shades have individually curved fabric vanes. Some of the unique design features include:

  • Multiple colour options to choose from
  • Alternating opacity folds to filter light or make the room darker when closed.
  • Fade resistant
  • UV stabalised fabric

Child Safe

Gone are hazardous chains and weights often found on the bottom of vertical blinds. In addition, the range offers lightweight fabric that moves with ease which not only acts as a child safe solution, but also provides stunning aesthetics to any room. – A popular choice for the ultimate child safe Veri Shades on the Gold Coast.


Veri Shades are free from noisy bottom chains and weights. This makes it them and ideal option if you want to relax in peace and comfort, free from noise. 

The Ultimate Functionality

Easily walk through these shades! That’s right! Each fabric vane, whilst connected at the top allows you to easily walk through thanks to the innovative chain and weight free bottom.

Colours & Fabrics

Choose a fabric and colour to adapt this product to your specific requirements. 

  • These beautiful patent shades come in two different fabric options which include standard and net.
  • You can choose from 6 colours. These include white, soft white, ivory, beige, slate, and charcole
  • The tracks also come customisable with many options to choose from.

Be inspired and install the perfect fabric and colour to match your home décor.

Our Veri Shade Installations

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FAQ’s About Veri Shades Gold Coast Homeowners Have

If you need to remove surface dust you can do so by using a clean soft brush or feather duster.

To spot clean dirt and grime, simply use lukewarm water on a clean sponge, adding a little detergent if marks remain visible.

If need to hand wash your shades, gently unhook the fabric blade by lifting it up and out of the hook. Once removed you can hand wash the fabric. If required you can use a cool iron or steamer to remove the creases.

Veri Shades are that easy to clean!

Made from 100% soft polyester fabric, Veri Shades offer the ultimate versatility and privacy allowing you to filter or completely block out light. One side of the vane is made from translucent mesh and the other consists of an opaque material giving you full control.

Effortlessly adjust and filter light, make the room darker, or you can effortlessly slide them open to reveal the full window.

Each shade is individually hooked. To unclip each shade simply unhook the fabric blade up and out of the hook. The beauty with this range is that if requires cleaning you can simply unhook the affected fabric blades for cleaning. It’s that easy!

Provide your home with a contemporary look

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