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Aluminium shutters have made the leap from commercial purposes to in home residential use, highlighting modern indoor and outdoor areas with a unique style and presence.  Our Weatherwell aluminium shutters are easy to maintain and extremely durable.  These beautiful shutters are available in a range of blade sizes, powdercoat colours and timber grain finishes.

Our Weatherwell Standard shutters are anything but standard in style, durability and quality and are perfect for wet and outdoor areas.


These highly durable fixed shutters add a beautiful aesthetic to your home while providing security and a modern, seamless finish.


Aluminium Shutters On The Gold Coast

There are a lot of good reasons to consider buying aluminium shutters in the Gold Coast, and once you’ve made the decision to buy them, the best place to go is Sheerview Window Furnishings.

The obvious attraction of Gold Coast aluminium shutters is their high strength compared to timber and PVC, and they stand alone among metal shutter options as the only type not prone to rusting.

Consequently they’re the ideal choice for situations where high security is the primary concern. It takes a lot of work to get through our new shutters.

Because they are rust-proof, aluminium shutters don’t need painting, but they’ll certainly look much more attractive when powder coated. The powder coated tinting is added at the point of manufacture, and the chemical process causes it to bond tightly with the aluminium surface. This coating will not fade easily like regular paint would do, so it should maintain its good looks for a much longer time.

If you have decided you need the extra security provided by metal shutters, aluminium is the right choice for you, because with Gold Coast homes built so close to the sea, you need the assurance of a rust-proof metal.

Gold Coast Aluminium Shutters


You may have noticed how easy it is to crush aluminium soft drink cans. This could lead you to believe that aluminium is a weak metal, but that’s one of the slightly deceptive properties of aluminium.

The molecular structure of aluminium is very different from the molecular structure of ordinary steel. The differences are quite profound, for example:

  • Aluminium can be made into thinner sheets than steel because it is more malleable.
  • Steel is a magnetic metal, aluminium is not.
  • Steel can conduct an electric current, but aluminium cannot do this.
  • Steel produces sparks when worked on with an angle grinder, but aluminium does not produce sparks.
  • A given length and thickness of steel and aluminium will have almost exactly the same strength, but the steel is up to 300% heavier.
  • Steel oxidises readily, with the exception of stainless steel which is fortified by the addition of chromium and molybdenum (which reduces the potential for corrosion but does not entirely eliminate it). Aluminium in the form that is sold for manufacturing metal items does not oxidise.

You’ve probably heard of aluminium oxide before, which may make that last statement seem a bit confusing. That is why we distinguished between aluminium sold for metal work and other forms of aluminium. There are only two ways to get aluminium oxide, and both require intense heat and pressure, much greater than anything your aluminium shutters could possibly be exposed to.

The natural way for aluminium oxide to be formed is deep within the Earth, where elemental aluminium atoms bond with elemental oxygen atoms to form corundum, sapphires, and rubies, which are all mineral forms of aluminium oxide.

Aluminium oxide can also be produced artificially by heating another mineral called gibbsite (aluminium hydroxide formed by the bonding of elemental aluminium with water molecules under intense heat and pressure). The gibbsite must be heated to over 1100 degrees Celsius for this to happen, a process called calcination.

So, it’s not just extremely unlikely your shutters could oxidise, it’s actually completely impossible. Buying our shutters is a much better choice than buying steel or other metals, because of the special properties of aluminium that make it a unique metal.

Aluminium Shutters On The Gold Coast


Get your aluminium shutters Gold Coast locals know and trust. At Sheerview Window Furnishings you will find the best range of quality products at genuinely affordable prices.

Our aim at Sheerview Window Furnishings is to help you achieve your home design and décor goals through high quality Gold Coast Outdoor Blindsshutters in Gold Coast and sheer curtains.



If you have some unusually shaped windows that you thought might not be able to have shutters adorning them, we can help you make them beautiful. We specialise in custom shaped shutters for those unique window frames. Unlike curtains and blinds, our shutters will show off the shape of your window rather than just covering them.

Sometimes that diamond shaped window might create a porthole from the outside world that you wish wasn’t there, encroaching on your home’s privacy. By allowing us to measure and quote for your custom shaped window furnishing, we can help provide your living spaces with the privacy and design aesthetic you need while still allowing natural light when you want it.

Our premium custom shutter solutions bring a timeless, classic appeal to your home and can help create the desired atmosphere of your living spaces. We use exceptional quality products and our specialist team will come to you to measure and quote to ensure we are exactly meeting your needs and budget.


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