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The Pros and Cons of Curtains

What are curtains?

What are curtains? Curtains, window shades and window treatments are all essentially the same thing. They are fabric that is hung in front of a window to provide privacy from onlookers or light protection for those inside the room. Typically made with either cotton or heavy linen, they can also be custom-made out of any material you desire.

Choosing window coverings for your home is a big decision. There are so many different styles to choose from, and the cost can vary drastically depending on what you get. But even if you find the perfect window covering at an affordable price, it is important to consider how it ties into the décor of your room. In this article we will discuss some of the pros and cons of curtains for your Gold Coast home before giving our recommendations for best buying options.

The advantages of curtains

Privacy and Light Control

One great advantage to curtains over other window coverings like blinds is that there’s no fixed time when it goes up or down during the day; unlike overhead lights which turn on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn, if someone wants to use their windows as an oversized mirror while getting ready in the morning before work without letting anyone outside see them, curtains allow them to do so. If someone is sensitive to light as the day progresses, they can also use window treatments such as drapes or shades in order to prevent exposure and shield themselves from whatever time of day it might be.


Curtains are often cleaned by simply washing them on a regular cycle with other clothes; this eliminates the need for expensive professional window cleaning services every few months when soap scum starts clinging onto window panes like spiderwebs, which usually happens more frequently because window blinds collect dust and pet hair that only accumulate over time.

Energy Efficiency

Curtains offer the advantage of providing an energy efficiency to your home. By installing over the interior of your window it reduces cold draft and heat, therefore reducing your heating and cooling.

Home Décor

Uplift your home décor with the best custom curtains Gold Coast has on offer. There are literally thousands of options available! From the texture, colour, and style, you can choose a specific design and style to suite your requirements.

The Disadvantages to consider

Energy Efficiency

Whilst curtains offer a reduction in draft and sun heat its important to consider the type of material you use to ensure a fixed covering. If your windows are not fully covered spots of light and draft can seep through slightly. Consider options like timber shutters for your window coverings if you are looking for the ultimate shut out.

Difficult Installation

Curtains can sometimes require professional installation which might not always be possible depending on what type of window you have. You need to carefully review the surrounding structures and fixture points to ensue your curtains are securely mounted to hold the weight.


If it comes down to whether one should use curtains or other types of window treatment, the decision ultimately depends on personal preference. People who value privacy and window coverings that can provide light control may find curtains to be the better choice for them. People who want to make their windows more energy efficient, on the other hand, might choose window blinds or shades instead (although they should note that these window treatments block out sunlight due to window shading material).


For the best advice speak to your Gold Coast curtains expert at Sheerview Window Furnishings. Offering a free consultation, the team can help you select the best design, style, and colour for your home.

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