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Your home should be a haven that you look forward to returning to from work every day and a place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. The importance of having a place to live that makes you feel at ease and where you can shut out the noise of the world and get back to yourself cannot be understated. As such, it is imperative that you create a home that achieves all of this. Sanctuary Cove luxury curtains are a simple and elegant way to bring that sense of comfort to any home.

Here at Sheerview Window Furnishings, we are the go-to people for those living in Oxenford, on the Gold Coast and its Hinterland areas that want to find the perfect décor choices to adorn their windows and doorways.

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Sheers & Curtains Sanctuary Cove

We believe that the wow factor is something that everyone should have in their home and so we put our 20 years of experience to work for each and every client that we work with in order to help them explore a greater range of possibilities and achieve the look and feel of their dream home.

Sanctuary Cove Curtains Control The Light

In Queensland, the sun plays a big part in our daily lives. Its presence can both enhance and detract from the way that we experience the world and so it is essential that all homeowners take measures that will enable them to control just how much sunlight gets in.

This is absolutely true for bedrooms in particular. Imagine living in a house with no curtains in Sanctuary Cove. You can be absolutely certain that before too long your sleep cycle will be affected and the chances are that you may not get enough shuteye every night because of the presence of sunlight. Deprived of sleep, nobody can function properly and so it makes sense to have the means to block it out as and when you need to.

However, here at Sheerview Window Furnishing, we don’t believe in taking chances and just buying any old curtains, particularly for the bedroom. It is important that your windows are measured and that you know exactly what each kind of fabric will achieve in your rooms. There are lots of different fabrics used in curtains these days and tonnes of different styles, but only some of those will suit your room. So, getting professional advice is a must.

Sheer Curtains Sanctuary Cove

Those that are in the Oxenford vicinity are invited to drop into our showroom to explore the extensive range of fabric that we have on display and tap into the expertise of our friendly and helpful staff. On the other hand, why not ask us to come out to your home to measure up and determine the cost of what you are hoping to achieve, for free?

Custom made curtains in Sanctuary Cove are also accessible and you can feel confident that by speaking with us about what you hope to achieve we will find the best solution that will deliver results.

Curtains In Sanctuary Cove – Book A Free Quote Today

At Sheerview Window Furnishings, we can help you achieve a classic, timeless look for your home. Whether you have a brand new media room that must not be penetrated by sunlight for perfect viewing and gaming experiences, or if you are fantasising about chilling out on your sofa and watching your brand new Sanctuary Cove sheer curtains billow in your home, rest assured that we have everything you need and more.

Drop into our showroom, or give us a call, or email us to book a free measure and quote. Our goal is to make your home a comfortable haven and we look forward to helping you to achieve this.

Around Queensland we are known for our high quality products, such as the increasingly-popular Ziptrak. Besides Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we also service Sanctuary Cove with shuttersblinds and Outdoor Blinds.

Our aim is to help you achieve your home design and décor goals through high quality Gold Coast window Outdoor Blindstimber shutterscustom blindssheer curtains and custom curtains.

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Helping select and deliver timeless window furnishings and shading solutions around your home is what we do best. If you have an idea of what you like but would like our professional advice on what suits your circumstances and budget, then drop us an email or give us a call


While we can help you take measurements to gain a quote, if you find a solution in our range then we would be happy to come out and take accurate measurements. It might sound simple but we like to measure twice and make sure our workmanship matches the quality of the product


Our experienced team have supplied a wide variety of window furnishings. Some of our more semi-permanent shade solutions like drop Outdoor Blinds can add both usability and value to a home. Each element you choose will be customised to fit your windows perfectly

Servicing the Oxenford, Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland areas with beautiful window furnishings

Sheerview can match the perfect colour blinds and shutters for your Gold Coast home
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