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As you can no doubt tell from our name, Sheerview Window Furnishings has always had a strong interest in the manufacture and selling of sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains are made from translucent fabric, allowing you to see out during the day, while blocking people on the outside from seeing in. They work by filtering light without actually blocking it. Because of the way light reflection works, whichever side of a sheer curtain has the most light will appear to be more opaque, while the other side will appear to be more transparent.

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Sheer Curtains in the Gold Coast

The key point about sheer curtains is that they’re primarily for privacy, and they have very little to contribute in terms of improving energy efficiency. In most households, there will be times when one of these factors has more importance than the other, and at other times the situation will be reversed.

Therefore the best way to design your window dressing efforts is to use a layered approach. For the inner layer, closest to the window, you would have your sheer curtains, and on the outer layer, in front of the sheer curtains you would have a heavier opaque set of curtains.

On those days where the sunlight is not particularly intense, you could leave your outer layer curtains open, enjoying more natural daylight and good visibility to the outside world.

How To Get The Best Out Of Sheer Curtains

When the mercury is creeping up a little bit, you could draw the outer layer closed to block as much sunlight as possible, thereby preventing too much residual heat build up.

At night it is also a good idea to close the outer layer, so your privacy is secured. Remember that with sheer curtains the transparent side is the one with the least amount of light and the opaque or reflective side is the one with more light shining on it. This reverses the situation between day and night.

Sheer Curtains Are Much Cheaper Than Opaque Curtains

Well made opaque curtains will have a reflective backing layer, usually coloured white to reflect as much light back to the outside world as possible, with a heavier and darker layer facing into the room. These two layers are sewn together to create a single opaque curtain.

High quality curtains like this are made by hand with a sewing machine operated by the curtain maker. The materials used are often heavy natural fabrics with a very high thread count. Cotton, linen, and even silk are all possibilities. The bottom edge of the curtain will also be weighted, if it is a quality product.

All these factors combined add up to a relatively higher cost for materials and labour compared to sheer curtains. The biggest difference is sheer curtains normally only are made from one piece of material. The manufacturing process is simpler and more likely to be done in a production line environment than is the case for opaque curtains.

Sheer curtains are usually very light and are most often made from synthetic materials such as nylon, or blends of nylon with other artificial textiles. This means the costs for materials and labour can be much lower than the cost of opaque curtains, and of course the difference should be reflected in the retail price.

Black Sheer Curtains Are Both Stylish & Practical

black sheer curtain can put the perfect finishing touch to any room, as they’re super stylish and practical. Sheer curtains have come full circle and are now one of the most popular window furnishings all over Australia and homeowners are loving the colour black for lots of different reasons.

What Are Black Sheer Curtains & Why Choose Them Over Other Curtains?

A sheer curtain is a multi-purpose window treatment, designed to act both as a stylish decoration and a layer of privacy. They are usually made from a lightweight material, such as lace, cotton, or silk. Unlike their semi-sheer counterpart, sheer curtains provide an unrestricted view to the outdoors past your window, as well as allowing sunlight to flood your room as it normally would.

Stepping away from their functionality, sheer curtains also never go out of style, with the ability to compliment any room design. Does your wallpaper consist of bright designs or bold prints? Adding sheer curtains will provide a touch of breathing room, allowing some visual relief from the rest of the room.

How about if you’re on the other end of the spectrum and your room largely consists of white furniture and paint? Well, white or light grey sheer curtains operate perfectly here to work hand-in-hand with the colours and create an almost dreamy aesthetic in the room.

Alternatively, choose black sheer curtains to add a mature and sophisticated vibe to the room, perfect for those of you who want to establish focal points within a specific space.

Whatever your home décor, sheer curtains are guaranteed to add a touch of sheer elegance, as well as providing privacy to your rooms without restricting the natural lighting or views of your exterior.

Why Choose Sheerview?

It’s true, you could easily go online and search for a set of cheap sheer curtains, purchase them, and install them yourself. But how will you know which colour or style will perfectly compliment your home? Or how will you know how to hang them properly? And will you really get value for your money when you’re not buying them from a reputable company? That’s where Sheerview comes in.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers every step of the way to ensure they are 100% happy with their purchases. We measure your windows, provide our expert advice based on our extensive experience, and walk you through the entire process to make sure you get the best result for your home.

We also offer a variety of other options that you may be interested in, including normal curtains, Outdoor Blinds, shutters, and blinds, each designed to suit your style. If you are interested in having a chat with us about the services we offer or if you would like to begin the process of selecting your new sheer curtains, get in touch with us today by calling (07) 5580 0600 or filling in our online enquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you fall in love with your home’s décor once again with black sheer curtains that tick all of the boxes in terms of style, functionality and affordability.

Get Your Curtains At Sheerview Window Furnishings And Save

We are proud to be offering the best deals for all kinds of curtains including sheer curtains on the Gold Coast. We have a large range to select from and low prices every day. All our products are first class for quality of workmanship and materials.

Remember to be sure to choose Sheerview curtains, and indulge in the sheer pleasure of knowing you’ve made the best choice.

Our aim at Sheerview Window Furnishings is to help you achieve your home design and décor goals through high quality Outdoor Blindsshuttersblindssheers and curtains.

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