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At Sheerview Window Furnishings our aim is to help you realise your home design and decor goals though high quality awnings, shutters, blinds, sheers and curtains.  We aim to make the process as smooth as possible by offering a comprehensive service where we come out to measure your windows, provide detailed information about your options and help you get the best result on your budget. We then work around you to find a convenient time to install your beautiful window furnishings.

Our range of awnings offer seamless style regardless of the type of awnings used through a premises, with interchangeable mechanisms using the same headset.

Shutters have improved vastly over time and we offer the highest quality timber, aluminium and pvc shutters with an amazing variety of colour options to suit any interior.

Your home can feel stark and exposed without the appropriate use of window furnishings and privacy screens. The addition of blinds, curtains and sheers can truly add to the overall decor of a room when thoughtfully selected to match textures and colours used throughout. Read More

Shutters Runaway Bay

It can be very frustrating to find yourself in the middle of figuring out exactly what kind of look or theme your home will have and not being able to decide on a definite path. If the house is a hodgepodge of different rooms it can work, but it could also come across as a little thoughtless, and if it is the same as every other house on the block it might come across as lacking imagination. However, a great starting point for most is choosing which window furnishings to install.

Runaway Bay Shutters Custom Made for Your Home

At Sheerview Window Furnishings, our Runaway Bay hybrid shutters can be custom made to suit the window sizes and shapes for any home. We have over 20 years experience manufacturing and installing the best looking solutions in homes from Oxenford to the Gold Coast and so when you speak with one of our experts, you gain a level of expertise and insight that truly is second to none.

We have a variety of different styles to choose from including timber, PVC, aluminium and the aforementioned timber/PVC hybrid, which make us the go-to people for those that need a large amount of choice as well as options that are appropriate for all budget levels. Starting with your shutters could prove to be the foundation work that determines exactly the kind of look you want for your home.

Why Shutters Are the #1 Choice for Runaway Bay Homes

The trend toward finding energy efficient methods for all aspects of our homes continues to gain momentum. While the popularity of shutters in Runaway Bay is undeniable due to the aesthetic appeal that they bring, they are the perfect solution to cutting a few dollars off your utility bills every year.

At Sheerview Window Furnishings, we always advise our customers that with the right shutters in place you have a mechanism that will enable you to control how impactful the UV rays of the sun are on your family. With sturdy Runaway Bay timber shutters in place, you can adjust how much light gets into the house, which also means that you control the heat levels in your home.

This feature alone will result in a reduced burden on your air conditioning units since you won’t need them to cool down the house quite as much as you perhaps do right now. Not relying on these systems ensures that you are always benefitting from fresh air breezing through your home, which promotes a healthy atmosphere and allows you to enjoy outdoor sounds and smells throughout the day if you wish.

What’s more, in the Winter months our aluminium shutters in Runaway Bay will afford you a level of insulation that you will undoubtedly love. It can get chilly from time to time and so having the ability to secure your home and not worry about crevices or cracks leaking in cold air is peace of mind and comfort that you can depend on. Again, this will mean less need to turn on the heat, which means a reduced carbon footprint and more money in your pocket.

Shutters in Runaway Bay Provide a Flawless Finish

At Sheerview Window Furnishings, all of our shutters, including our PVC shutters are coated in Flawless Finish paint, which will gather less dust and allow you to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. All of our shutter options come with structural and paint warranties that make them a safe and reliable choice from day one.

Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM and for those that work during those hours and would like to speak with our experts, we can accommodate after-hours appointments. Best of all, you can call or email us today to start exploring what our team can do for you.

Around Queensland we are known for our fast installation times and quality products, such as the increasingly-popular Ziptrak. Besides Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we also service Runaway Bay with curtains, blinds and awnings.

Our aim is to help you achieve your home design and decor goals through high quality Gold Coast window awnings, timber shutters, custom blinds, sheer curtains and custom curtains.
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We have had 20 years experience in giving homes that extra touch and wow factor you deserve in your own home

Our naturally beautiful, sustainably sourced timber shutters have the ability to deliver an elegant visual impact to any living space

When seeking an industrial design feel, aluminium shutters are the perfect solution and can be used in both residential and commercial spaces

Our PVC shutters are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas and are the ultimate stylish solution for the budget conscious buyer

This hybrid solution of PVC and timber boasts a 100% poplar hardwood frame with PVC blades which creates a lightweight shutter option



    Helping select and install timeless window furnishings and shading solutions around your home is what we do best. If you have an idea of what you like but would like our professional advice on what suits your circumstances and budget, then drop us an email or give us a call


    While we can help you take measurements to gain a quote, if you find a solution in our range then we would be happy to come out and take accurate measurements. It might sound simple but we like to measure twice and make sure our workmanship matches the quality of the product


    Our experienced team have installed a wide variety of window furnishings in both homes and commercial spaces. Some of our more semi-permanent shade solutions like drop awnings can add both usability and value to a home. Each element you choose will be customised to fit your windows perfectly


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