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The Do's and Don'ts

Timber shutters are super easy to clean. In fact, getting in the habit of cleaning timber shutters at least once a month will maintain that fresh brand-new look. Furthermore, dusting and cleaning your shutters regularly will reduce the need for use of liquid cleaners which can cause more harm than good. Below are three easy tips to keep in mind when cleaning your timber shutters.

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  1. Remove dust on your shutters: Use a duster or a microfibre cloth to simply remove any visible dust. Be sure to remove dust from both the bottom and top of each timber blade to ensure you remove it all. 
  2. Vacuum the hard to reach places: Use your soft brush attachment to vacuum the bottom of your shutters along the window ledge. Using a soft brush will protect scratching and marking your timber shutters.
  3. Cleaning stains: Using water or a damp cloth can cause water marks on timber shutter, so only use a damp cloth as a last resort to clean off any marks. To do so, simply mix a small amount of white vinegar and water to wipe of your stains. Be sure to apply sparingly to your cloth (keep it very damp, but not wet) and dry it off straight away to avoid water marks being left behind.


  • Don’t use a soaking wet cloth
  • Only use a damp cloth when absolutely necessary to remove stains
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals
  • Don’t use any course chemicals as these can scratch your shutters
  • Don’t use course cloths or scrubbers as these will also scratch your shutters.
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