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Why Choose Outdoor Roller Blinds for Your Home?

It’s nearly time to throw on your togs, jump in the pool and enjoy the hot weather with family and friends. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to improve your outdoor space. And one of the best ways to do this is by installing outdoor roller blinds. 

There are so many types of blinds available, but why should you choose outdoor blinds for your home? 

Keep on reading to find out. 

Create Extra Living Space

Experience that outdoor-indoor living. With blinds, your outdoor patio can be transformed into an extra living space. This is especially useful for smaller homes where indoor space is an issue.

During summer BBQs, guests can mingle throughout the home without feeling cramped. 

Outdoor Weather Protection 

Queensland is known as the Sunshine State, but it does receive its fair share of rain. Outdoor blinds provide an extra layer of protection in extreme weather conditions.

Whether it’s rain, wind or sun, outdoor blinds protect you and your furnishings from harm’s way.   

Energy Efficient 

We all want to save on our electricity bill, right? 

Well, outdoor blinds can help you save. They shield you from the harsh heat and are great insulators during the warm and cool seasons. Use your aircon less while maintaining airflow through your home.

For the best energy efficient blinds, consider Zipscreen blinds. They block light coming in and reduce glare ten-fold. Perfect protection from the Australian summer heat. 

Increase Privacy 

If you have sticky-beak neighbours, outdoor blinds are for you. Feel comfortable outside without prying eyes.

Zipscreen blinds have varying degrees of translucency based on colour and design. Sheerview Window Furnishings have fabric options that will increase your privacy and let you BBQ in peace. 

Keep Pests Away 

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a drink outside while getting bitten to by a mosquitos. When rolled down, outdoor blinds act as a shield that seals off any area you’re in. Keep pesky bugs at bay so you can enjoy a bite-free summer. 

Easy to Use 

You can forget about complicated pulleys, zips or cranks. Our blinds are safer, especially if you have young children running around. 

Outdoor roller blinds are available with a motorised option to make life that bit easier. A wall-mounted control allows you to set the blinds as you wish at the same time or individually.

Enjoy Summer With Outdoor Roller Blinds 

Maximise space, increase privacy and enjoy year-round comfort with outdoor roller blinds such as the Zipscreen or Ziptrak. 

Installing outdoor blinds couldn’t be easier with Sheerview Window Furnishings. Our team will run you through our outdoor blind styles and work out the best solution to your outdoor space.

Ready to enjoy a hot summer in your backyard? Ask about our Zipscreen products. They’re built for coastal environments and designed for high weather protection. Available in full block out too! 

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