Bathroom Shutters Gold Coast. White framed and hinged


Can you install shutters in a bathroom?

When we recommend shutters for bathrooms our customers often ask, “Wouldn’t timber shutters damage in a bathroom?”. This is correct! Common timber shutters are no match with water. But, guess what? Shutters aren’t just for your living rooms and bedroom. Thanks to PVC you can bring your bathroom to life with style and elegance!

Recently Completed Bathroom

Recently, we supplied PVC shutters to a customer on the Gold Coast to ensure durability and style as per this homeowners design brief. PVC shutters look no different to timber shutters and blend in with the same style timber shutters used throughout this home. As you can see in the photos we have shared below, these PVC shutters compliment the luxury ‘hotel like’ look. 

Why should you have bathroom shutters?

There are a few reasons why you should have bathroom shutters. They are not only stylish as we mentioned above, but they also provide a much better alternative to your standard roller blinds and venetians which are commonly found in bathrooms. We know that venetians and blinds can be prone to mould, and mildew making them a daunting cleaning task you could do without. – So say good-bye to your bathroom roller blinds and venetians and consider the same product as this homeowner!

Did you know that PVC shutters do not warp or rust and are much stronger than that of timber or metal?

What are the benefits of PVC shutters?

Our range of PVC shutters are not only a more cost-effective solution to timber, but a perfect solution for wet areas like bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

We have outlined just a few of the benefits of our range below.

  • PVC frame and blades
  • Aluminium insert for reinforcement
  • Top coated 2-pack finish
  • 64mm, 89mm blade sizes
  • Budget friendly
  • Fixed, Hinged, Multi-fold, Sliding applications
  • 5 years structural warranty
  • 5 years paint manufacturer’s warranty

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